Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Translated by Dar Al-Watan for Journalism, Printing and Publishing.

Michele Dunne, Editor
Julia Choucair, Assistant Editor

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Insights and Analysis

Egypt: Creating a New Political Reality
Amr Hamzawy

Egypt: Judges Club Challenges the Regime
Dina Shehata

Palestine: A New Hamas?
Khaled Hroub

Bahrain: A Democracy Balance Sheet
Mansoor Al-Jamri

Libya: Economic Reforms Anger Citizens
Eman Wahby

News and Views

Lebanon: Partial Results of Parliamentary Elections
Palestine: Elections Postponed, Vice Presidency to be Created
Syria : Baath Party Congress, Crackdown on Human Rights Activists
Kuwait: Women Get the Vote
Saudi Arabia: Reformers Convicted
Bahrain: Controversial Counterterrorism Law, Family Courts Challenged
Yemen: Controversial Media Law
Egypt: National Assembly for Democratic Transformation Formed
Libya: Human Rights Watch Visit
Gulf Cooperation Council: Human Rights Report
Upcoming Political Events
Views from the Arab Media