Carnegie hosted the seventh annual seminar of former U.S. trade representatives (USTRs) with presentations on current and future U.S. trade policy issues. Each speaker's remarks are followed by comments or questions form other USTR members, and questions from the floor. Transcripts of this event are forthcoming.

Ambassador Carla Hills: What caused the Doha suspension and can the Round be reactivated?
Ambassador Mickey Kantor: How can similar problems be avoided in the future?
Ambassador Clayton Yeutter: Agriculture and the Doha Round: Domestic Subsidies, the Farm Bill, Tariffs and Developing Countries
Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky:Trade Agreements and U.S. Security/Foreign Policy
Ambassador Bill Eberle:The Merits/Demerits of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements
Senator William Brock: How can we restore bipartisan consensus on trade policy?

Sherman Katz, Carnegie Senior Associate—Trade, Equity and Development