The Carnegie Endowment and the National Committee on North Korea jointly held a discussion of policy options regarding North Korea’s nuclear program, featuring Robert Gallucci, Dean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and lead Ambassador for the 1994 Agreed Framework, and Carl Ford, former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research.

They discussed North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, Pyongyang’s connections to the construction of an alleged nuclear reactor in Syria, and future steps towards verifying the disablement of North Korean nuclear facilities. Gallucci expressed approval of recent breakthroughs with North Korea but remained highly dissatisfied with Pyongyang’s lack of disclosure regarding the Syrian connection. Ford argued that varied policy approaches to North Korea have failed, necessitating more innovative policy solutions from the next U.S. administration. Carnegie’s Sharon Squassoni moderated the event and Karin Lee of the National Committee on North Korea delivered the welcoming address.