Recent articles on Egypt include:

Recent articles on Iraq include:

Recent articles on the Gulf include:


Recent articles on Yemen include: 

  • Yemen’s Multiple Crises,” by April Longley Alley (Journal of Democracy, vol. 21, no. 4, October 2010).
  • In Yemen, brutal repression cloaked in law,” by Mohamed Abdel Dayem (Committee to Protect Journalists, Special Report, September 29, 2010).
  • “Azmat al-janub: al-qadim al-jadid fi taksim al-Yemen (Parts 1, 2, and 3)” (The south’s crisis: the old & new in dividing Yemen), (Al-Jazeera al-Arabia Center for Studies and Research, 2010).

Recent articles on Palestine and Israel include:

Recent articles on Jordan include:

Recent articles on Sudan include:

Recent articles on other reform-related topics include:

Reform-related periodicals from the Arab world include:

  • Majallat afaq al-mustaqbal (Journal of Future Horizons), published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, includes articles in its November/December issue on Arab emigrants to Latin America, the Shi’i political landscape, oil as a stabilizing factor between northern and southern Sudan, and the management of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Majallat al-tanmiya wal siyassat al-iqtisadiya (Journal of Development and Economic Policies), published by the Arab Institute for Planning, discusses in its latest issue education in Kuwait, inflation in Sudan, and fighting poverty in Tunisia.
  • The November issue of Araa’ (Opinions), published by the Gulf Research Center, includes articles on the southern movement in Yemen, Iraq’s national security strategy, and an in-depth look at education systems in the Gulf.
  • The Fall issue of al-Majalla al-Arabiya lil ‘Ulum al-Siyasia (Arab Journal of Social Sciences), published by the Centre for Arab Unity Studies, includes articles on Libyan politics, civil society’s role in fighting corruption, women in Morocco, and the ICC and Sudan among other topics.
  • The October issue of al-Dimuqratiya (Democracy), a journal published by Egypt’s al-Ahram publishing house, discusses the Turkish referendum, elections in Iraq, freedom of expression in universities, and political participation.
  • The second issue of Kalamon (Talk), a Lebanese journal, includes articles discussing several issues such as the origins of religion, state, and community in Islam, the state of affairs in the Middle East, and Riad Solh’s role in the creation of the Lebanese nation and state.