Strengthening Egypt's Economy

Economy in Crisis
The Egyptian interim government must restore security, lay the groundwork for a new partnership with the private sector, and adopt a more transparent decision-making process to strengthen the country's economy.
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What are the main steps Egypt must take to strengthen its economy?
Ibrahim Saif
In the short term, Egypt must restore security and send the right message to the private sector to encourage optimism. The interim government must lay the groundwork for a new partnership with the private sector that encourages investors to engage in providing new services and utilities under the supervision of the government.

The government must adopt a more participatory and transparent decision-making process, including making budget information and other related financial operations public. Moreover, it needs to ensure the availability of funds for small and medium enterprises by providing guarantees to commercial banks for a limited period of time. Lastly, the government must set clearly priorities to ease the transitional period and channel foreign grants and loans toward needed infrastructure and housing projects for the poor.
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