Unconventional Oil Symposium

January 9, 2013 Washington, D.C.
The array of emerging unconventional oils driven by the investment in new technologies is diverse in terms of resource geographies, make-ups, processing requirements, trade patterns, carbon emissions.
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While worldwide supplies of accessible oil are growing, the array of emerging unconventional oil is diversifying. These new oil sources pose important energy, environmental, security, and climate challenges for the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program held an illuminating discussion about the paradigm shifts associated with new oil abundance in North America and worldwide.


About the Energy and Climate Program

The Carnegie Energy and Climate Program engages global experts working on issues relating to energy technology, environmental science, and political economy to develop practical solutions for policymakers around the world. The program aims to provide the leadership and the policy framework necessary to minimize the risks that stem from global climate change and to reduce competition for scarce resources.

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  • Steven G
    Does the event will be webcast?
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    • Carnegie Web replies...
      @Steven: Video and transcript of the event will be available here after the event is concluded.
  • Jennifer B
    The U.S. is definitely making a shift towards the advancement of unconventional oil. Thank you for hosting the symposium! I work for a social media research company which did a study on the public sentiment regarding the topic of unconventional oil in the United States. The results were pretty interesting! Viral Technologies measures millions of social media posts and turns them into valuable market insights for various industries. The research is linked here: http://bit.ly/V87gKY
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