Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program hosted a book talk with Thane Gustafson, author of Wheel of Fortune: The Battle for Oil and Power in Russia, which explores the interdependence among Russia’s oil industry, politics, and economy. 

Gustafson addressed whether Russia will continue to give high priority to Arctic oil development if the tight-oil revolution from North America spreads quickly to Russia, driving a renaissance of West Siberia.

Thane Gustafson

Thane Gustafson is the IHS CERA senior director of Russian and Caspian energy and a professor of government at Georgetown University. He is a widely recognized authority on Eurasia who has spent forty years studying and traveling in Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the former Soviet Union. Gustafson is a prize-winning author who writes on Russia and energy.

Deborah Gordon

Deborah Gordon is a nonresident senior associate in Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program, where her research focuses on oil, climate, energy, and transportation issues in the United States, China, and globally.

David Burwell

David Burwell is director of the Energy and Climate Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His work at Carnegie focuses on the intersection between energy, transportation and climate issues, and policies and practice reforms to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.