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  • Roger Cohen in Conversation With Karim Sadjadpour
    January 26, 2015  – Washington, DC

    New York Times columnist Roger Cohen will discuss his acclaimed new book, a moving memoir of his family’s long struggle with displacement, exile, anti-semitism, and apartheid, and how these same themes continue to haunt the contemporary Middle East.

  • Global Oil and the Middle East Economic Outlook
    January 23, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The steady decline of global oil prices since June 2014 is shifting economic, political, and strategic calculations of key Middle East actors, and adding a new element of uncertainty at a time of increased regional conflict and polarization.

  • Supporting Myanmar’s Economic Development
    January 20, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The economic and social development challenges facing Myanmar are enormous and require sustained support from its international development partners.

  • The China-Pakistan Axis
    January 14, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The China-Pakistan axis plays a central role in Asia’s geopolitics. For decades, each side has been the other’s only “all-weather friend,” but the relationship is still little understood.

  • The Nagorny Karabakh Conflict and the Future of the Madrid Principles
    December 18, 2014  – Washington DC

    2014 has seen violent flare ups in Nagorny Karabakh, as Azerbaijani and Armenian forces have engaged in skirmishes across the ceasefire line. The international negotiations process has come under renewed pressure.

  • Mediation in the South Caucasus and Black Sea Region: The Swiss Experience
    December 17, 2014  – Washington, DC

    As tensions flare in the South Caucasus, Swiss diplomats continue to play a critical role in ongoing negotiations.

  • What Fuels Global Jihadism?
    December 16, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The recent Senate report about the CIA’s use of torture against suspected terrorists renews important questions about the most effective and ethical means to counter the threat of global jihadism.

  • Aid in Afghanistan After 2014
    December 10, 2014  – Washington, DC

    As U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan withdraw to their post-2014 minimums, many fear a similar sharp drop in foreign funding. The reconstruction effort is far from over, and a radical reduction in foreign aid could cripple the Afghan economy.

  • New EU Ambassador in Conversation With Jessica T. Mathews
    December 10, 2014  – Washington, DC

    In his first major public event since becoming EU ambassador, David O’Sullivan offered his perspective on the many common challenges shared by the European Union and the United States.

  • Trade and Energy Governance
    December 9, 2014  – Brussels

    The world’s energy system looks very different today than in the fifty years following the second World War.


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