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  • Proliferation Roundtable with officials from the Foreign Ministry of France

    Proliferation Roundtable with officials from the Foreign Ministry of France
    • December 15, 2000

    Roundtable with officials from the Foreign Ministry of France and outside experts

  • Coming to Terms With Civil Society: Contending Views

    • December 14, 2000

    Symposium on civil society with Michael Edwards, Irungu Houghton, David Rieff and Thomas Carothers

  • Outcome and Implications of Romania's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

    • December 13, 2000 —  Washington, D.C.

    Dictatorship has not won in Romania. Thinking back to Zbignew Brzezinski's tripartite categorization of democracy--functional, dysfunctional, and fictitious--Romania falls somewhere between the first and second categories. The driving forces in the recent elections were emotion, despair, and cynicism, but not ideology; this was neither a vote for nor against democracy.

  • Solving the North Korean Nuclear Puzzle

    Solving the North Korean Nuclear Puzzle
    • December 07, 2000

    Presenters: David Albright, Institute for Science and International Security and Jon Wolfsthal, Associate, Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project

  • 205 Days of Putin

    • November 28, 2000

    Rose Gottemoeller and Thomas Graham, Senior Associates at Carnegie Endowment, and Andrew Kuchins, Director of the Russian and Eurasian Program, discussed Russian geopolitics and nuclear security. The panel was moderated Thomas Carothers, Vice President of Studies. For video clips and transcripts, <a href="">click here</a>.

  • 193 Days of Putin

    • November 16, 2000 —  Washington D.C.

    Senior Associates Anatol Lieven and Martha Brill Olcott and Visiting Scholar Shlomo Avineri discuss Russia and the security challenges from the south.

  • Radical Islamist Mobilization in Central Asia

    • November 14, 2000 —  Washington, D.C.

    "Armed incursions into Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan by radical Islamists whose declared aim is to establish a religious state in Central Asia have sent shock waves through Central Asia and have drawn as much international attention to the region as any issue since independence."

  • Election Matrix

    • November 10, 2000

    Presentation at the College of William and Mary by Carnegie Senior Associate Joseph Cirincione

  • Saddam's Bombmaker

    Saddam's Bombmaker
    • November 02, 2000

    Speaker: Dr. Khidhir Hamza, Former Director of Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program, and Author of <i><a href="">Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda</a> </i>with Jeff Stein.<br> Chair: Joseph Cirincione, Director, <a href="">Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project</a>

  • Mathews on Nuclear Security in South Asia

    • November 02, 2000

    The Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio

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