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Admiral Greenert on the Asia-Pacific Rebalance
September 8, 2014 Washington, DC
Admiral Greenert on the Asia-Pacific Rebalance

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  • Nuclear Politics on the Korean Peninsula
    July 28, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The evolving security environment around the Korean Peninsula presents new challenges and opportunities for addressing the North Korean nuclear threat.

  • India’s New Growth Story: Revitalizing U.S.-India Relations
    July 25, 2014  – Washington, DC

    India recently witnessed watershed election result and expectations are high for the policy initiatives emerging from New Delhi.

  • The New Geopolitics of Energy: Challenges and Opportunities
    July 24, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Ambassador Pascual shared his perspectives on some of the key energy issues during his tenure at the Bureau of Energy Resources at the State Department, as well as ongoing energy challenges.

  • Tariq Fatemi on Pakistan’s Vision for Regional Peace, Prosperity, and Economic Development
    July 21, 2014  – Washington, DC

    South Asia’s future remains clouded with uncertainty. The upcoming U.S. exit from Afghanistan, the radicalization across the region, and persisting political rivalries continue to impede regional growth and economic integration.

  • The Resurgence of the Taliban
    July 16, 2014  – Washington, DC

    In autumn 2001, U.S. and NATO troops were deployed to Afghanistan to unseat the Taliban rulers. Yet, despite a more than decade-long attempt to eradicate them, the Taliban has endured—regrouping and reestablishing themselves as a significant insurgent movement.

  • The UK in the Asian Century
    July 15, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    The UK’s future in Asia extends far beyond China. Going beyond mutually beneficial bilateral relations, the UK is focused on reinforcing a multi-faceted approach encompassing business, security, and values.

  • Indonesia Votes: Twitter Q&A with Vikram Nehru
    July 8, 2014  –

    Indonesian presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo both have the capacity to bend Indonesia’s arc of history—but each in a different direction.

  • The Future of Iraq
    July 1, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The recent capture of Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul by the jihadi extremist group ISIS has plunged the country into chaos.

  • Bangladesh-India Relations Under Modi
    June 30, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Narendra Modi’s accession as India’s new prime minister raises questions about the future of India-Bangladesh relations. Modi’s predecessor enjoyed a strong relationship with Dhaka, although he did not conclude key agreements on border demarcation and water sharing.

  • Book Launch of Getting India Back on Track: An Action Agenda for Reform
    June 25, 2014  – Washington, DC

    India has fallen far and fast from the runaway growth rates it enjoyed in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The recent election results have demonstrated a nationwide desire to reverse this trend.


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