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  • “Strategic Plus”: Taking U.S.-India Relations to a New Level
    March 27, 2015  – Washington, DC

    In his first visit to Washington since taking over as the U.S. ambassador to India, Ambassador Richard Verma will discuss how the bilateral strategic partnership has moved into a new “strategic plus” phase, and what must be done to sustain the momentum that is transforming and deepening the two countries’ ties.

  • Indonesia: There’s a New Sheriff in Town
    March 26, 2015  – Washington, DC

    President Joko Widodo’s first four months in office have been anything but uneventful. He has had to confront a series of political challenges from the opposition coalition, the police, his own party, and even his mentor, former president Megawati Sukarnoputri.

  • Taiwan’s Economic Role in the Asia-Pacific
    March 24, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Taiwan’s economy is at the forefront of the IT revolution, plays an important role in the global supply chain, and partners successfully with American firms. It is actively extending its economic role in the Asia-Pacific to participate in regional economic integration.

  • 2015 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference
    March 24, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The 2015 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference brought together over 800 experts and officials from more than 45 countries and international organizations to discuss emerging trends in nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, deterrence, and nuclear energy.

  • Transatlantic Energy Security Breakfast
    March 19, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosted a discussion on transatlantic energy security.

  • The Iran Nuclear Talks and Their Implications: An Indian Perspective
    March 17, 2015  – Washington, DC

    As the deadline for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program approaches, the range of possible outcomes will have implications not just for the region and for world powers at the negotiating table, but also much more broadly.

  • Does India’s Budget Deliver?
    March 12, 2015  – Washington, DC

    India’s latest budget has generated huge interest in its ability to set the country on a path of sustained and rapid growth.

  • Libya’s Revolution and Its Aftermath
    March 12, 2015  – Washington, DC

    More than three years after the fall of former leader Muammar Qaddafi, Libya is wracked by worsening civil war, foreign intervention, and the rise of transnational terrorism groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

  • Oil-Climate Index Release
    March 11, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Oil is changing. The oils themselves, how they are extracted and processed, and the products into which they are made are shifting in substantial ways.

  • Development in Myanmar and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
    March 4, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Japan and the United States are fine-tuning their aid programs in Myanmar to maximize political and social impact nationwide and to involve the private sector.


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