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  • The Pakistan Paradox: Who Rules the Country Today?
    October 8, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Nearly seven decades after the Partition of the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan faces a daunting series of existential challenges ranging from ethnic strife to Islamism and terrorism.

  • American Job Creation and Infrastructure Forum
    October 8, 2015  – Washington, DC

    America’s aging foundation is not only failing to live up to the challenges that the country faces, but is a serious liability in a highly-connected world.

  • India and Pakistan: From Talks to Crisis and Back Again
    October 7, 2015  – Washington, DC

    The last few months have witnessed nascent efforts to restart high-level bilateral talks between Delhi and Islamabad dashed again by political maneuvering in both capitals. Are the two states doomed to a perpetual state of “not war, not peace,” or is there hope for a way forward?

  • Chinese Thinking on Nuclear Weapons
    October 6, 2015  – Washington, DC

    How does China think about nuclear weapons issues?

  • The G7 and Decarbonization: Long-Term Thinking and the Road Ahead
    September 30, 2015  – Washington, DC

    In order to accomplish the G7's announced goal to fully decarbonize by the end of this century, member states need to focus on long-lived infrastructure and policy decisions rather than year-to-year changes in energy or emissions balances, as well as the direct financial flows to decarbonization-friendly investments.

  • Solving Japan’s Plutonium Problem
    September 29, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Japan’s plutonium production will soon exceed demand, creating a potentially destabilizing build-up.

  • Searching for Answers to Troubled Democratic Transitions
    September 24, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Can today’s leaders draw on lessons from successful experiences of democratization in previous decades to overcome transitional traps and other failures of democracy?

  • Myanmar’s Military and the 2015 Elections
    September 22, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Campaigning has begun for Myanmar’s first general election since the end of direct military rule. But recent events underscore the influential role of the military in the run-up to the election and raise questions about civil-military relations in the country’s transition to democracy.

  • U.S.-India Economic Ties: Ready for Takeoff?
    September 21, 2015  – Washington, DC

    To initiate an exciting week of efforts between the United States and India to strengthen bilateral relations, Carnegie hosted a half-day conference to discuss the prospects for transformed economic ties between the two countries.

  • U.S. Senator Chris Coons on the Middle East After the Iran Deal
    September 17, 2015  – Washington, DC

    U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), a leading member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, offered his thoughts on the Iran nuclear agreement and its implications for U.S. policy in the Middle East.


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