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  • Bringing About Legal and Political Change for Good Governance: Critical Perspectives on Douglass North and New Institutional Economics
    September 26, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Over the past four decades, an influential group of economists have pioneered a new school of thinking, known as new institutional economics, focused on the role of institutions in economic development.

  • Trends in Armenia’s Politics
    September 24, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Armenia has not been immune to the recent turmoil affecting the post-Soviet space and this summer saw the worst flare-up on the Line of Contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces since 1994.

  • Libya’s Civil War
    September 24, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Nearly three years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is in the throes of a bitter civil war. Its political and security institutions are split along complex fault lines that defy easy categorization.

  • India First: Modi’s Approach to Foreign Policy
    September 24, 2014  – Washington, DC

    While Prime Minister Modi has been able to instil a certain energy and purpose in Delhi, some key domestic imperatives and his own personal preferences are beginning to define India’s global play.

  • Carnegie Open House
    September 23, 2014  – Washington, DC

    An opportunity to learn about Carnegie’s role in public policy and international relations, working in a think tank, and Carnegie’s Junior Fellows Program.

  • Middle East in Turmoil: Can It Recover?
    September 12, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Today’s Middle East is grappling with failed states, civil wars, brazen autocracies, and terror groups such as ISIS. Is this the region’s new normal, and is there a viable U.S. strategy to reverse these trends?

  • New Thinking on Governance, Aid, and Development
    September 11, 2014  – Washington, DC

    No issue in international development is as important, or vexing, as the relationship between governance and development.

  • Unlikely Allies: U.S.-Iranian-Saudi Cooperation in the Persian Gulf
    September 10, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The threat of radical non-state actors, such as the Islamic State, has created an apparent convergence of interests between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

  • Senator John McCain on Strengthening U.S.-India Relations
    September 9, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    Senator John McCain recently visited India and was the first high-level U.S. government official to meet with Prime Minister Modi.

  • Admiral Greenert on the Asia-Pacific Rebalance
    September 8, 2014  – Washington, DC 中文

    China’s Navy is embarking on “new historic missions” that reflect China’s interest in expanding its operational reach and global influence. From cooperative piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden, to China’s first participation in the Rim of the Pacific naval exercise, the U.S. and Chinese Navies are expanding the boundaries of their burgeoning relationship.


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