Yaping Wang

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Yaping Wang is Asia Program Manager and Editor of the Asia Program’s Chinese language website and its monthly web-based newsletter, Carnegie China Insight.


MA, International Affairs, George Washington University
MA, Political Science, National University of Singapore
B.A., International Studies, Beijing University.


Chinese; English; French

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Yaping Wang is Asia Program Manager at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She edits Carnegie’s Chinese content including its monthly Chinese newsletter, Carnegie China Insight.  She also manages the daily operations of Carnegie’s Asia Program in Washington, DC and liaises with Carnegie’s Beijing Center. 

Before joining Carnegie, Yaping led a two-year research project in Singapore on the political environment for civil society development in China. Her research at Carnegie focuses on China’s foreign policy in developing countries especially Southeast Asia. Yaping’s publications in both English and Chinese have appeared on Financial TimesThe IndependentSouth China Morning Post, and Global Times. Her articles in the Carnegie China Insight have been reprinted widely among Chinese academic journals and newspapers. Her most recent research is on the political impact of Chinese overseas investments as well as Southeast Asia amidst the U.S.-China power dynamics.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat May 16, 2013 中文
    The Flawed Logic Behind Beijing's Senkaku/Diaoyu Policy

    Beijing's strategy of “reactive assertiveness” in dealing with the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands makes flawed calculations of risks and gains.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat October 23, 2012 中文
    Tensions in the East China Sea: Here To Stay

    Tensions over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands are still simmering and despite talks between high-ranking diplomats from both sides, many obstacles remain that prevent the two countries from reaching an agreement on the issue.

  • Op-Ed Diplomat May 1, 2012 中文
    Is U.S.-China Distrust Inevitable?

    U.S.-China distrust may not be rooted in misunderstanding, but rather in fundamental disagreements over political institutions, value systems, and geostrategic interests.

  • The Myths Surrounding the EU and China
    Op-Ed Independent October 26, 2011 中文
    The Myths Surrounding the EU and China

    Europe's economic and political worries feed into three myths about EU-China relations that should form the basis of discussions at this year’s European Union-China summit in Tianjin.

  • Missed Cues on Tibet
    Op-Ed South China Morning Post February 28, 2009
    Missed Cues on Tibet

    The Dalai Lama problem has been in the way of an EU-China "strategic partnership" for a long time, and there continues to be miscalculations on both sides about each other's stand on this issue.

  • Report January 8, 2004 Washington, D.C.
    WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications

    A groundbreaking report details what the U.S. and international intelligence communities understood about Iraq's weapons programs before the war and outlines policy reforms to improve threat assessments, deter transfer of WMD to terrorists, strengthen the UN weapons inspection process, and avoid politicization of the intelligence process.

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