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November 4, 2010

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Obama in India
George Perkovich, Video Q&A

President Obama departs on his first presidential visit to India this week with some critics in the United States and India arguing that his administration hasn't devoted sufficient attention to a democratic India that could counter a rising China. In a new video Q&A, George Perkovich talks about the significance of the trip and relations between New Delhi and Washington.

Perkovich argues that while the bilateral relationship is important, it suffers from unrealistic expectations and largely unavoidable differences in the two countries short-term interests which their elected representatives will reflect. | Full Article

Russian Lawmakers Drop "New START" Endorsement
Global Security Newswire

A key Russian legislative panel annulled its call for ratification of a new nuclear arms control treaty with the United States based on the outcome of yesterday's U.S. midterm election, Agence France-Presse reported. | Full Article

The EU's Deep Underground Storage Plan
World Nuclear News

The European Commission has today released its long-awaited proposed nuclear waste directive, which would tell European Union (EU) member states to develop plans to store radioactive waste in safe repositories. | Full Article

Iran Envoy Dismisses Tougher Terms for Atom Fuel Swap
Fredrik Dahl, Reuters

Iran's envoy to the U.N. nuclear agency dismissed on Tuesday a U.S. suggestion that Tehran should agree to tougher conditions than those it rejected last year for a possible nuclear fuel swap. | Full Article

Top Official Confirms: US to Lift Hi-Tech Nuclear Sanctions
Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times

The discussions are over, and India and the US are ready with the biggest announcement of President Barack Obama's visit: decontrol of the sale of sensitive equipment to India, and the completion of India's nuclear rehabilitation. | Full Article

Clinton Signs Accord Ending 25-Year U.S. Nuclear Dispute with New Zealand
Chris Bourke and Nicole Gaouette, Bloomberg

Clinton signed an accord with New Zealand in Wellington today marking the rebuilding of relations derailed 25 years ago by a nuclear feud. | Full Article


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