Democracy and Rule of Law

In the spotlight

Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security

Corruption is a cause—not a result—of global instability.

Governing Lagos: Unlocking the Politics of Reform

In fifteen years, Lagos has gone from being a symbol of urban disorder to a widely cited example of effective African governance.

Democracy Aid at 25: Time to Choose

Democracy aid has arrived not at a crisis, but at a crossroads, defined by two very different possible paths forward.

Japan’s Faltering Support for Burmese Democracy

If Japan is to contribute positively to maintaining Burmese progress in political reform, it must closely examine several core tenets of its engagement-based approach toward Burma.

Corruption: The Unrecognized Threat to International Security

Acute, structured government corruption impacts many of the West’s security priorities. But the role it plays in exacerbating international insecurity is often overlooked.

Democracy and Human Rights Support Under Fire

After seeing its reach increase for decades, international support for democracy and human rights now faces a serious challenge.

Egypt’s Post-Mubarak Predicament

Mubarak’s overthrow ushered in more of the same in Egypt—an authoritarian political process. The Egyptian state needs to be completely reinvented.

How to Advance the Rule of Law Abroad

Successful rule-of-law reform requires reformers to think less like development professionals with technical expertise and more like advocacy organizations mobilizing reformers and finding pressure points to change the policy, politics, or culture of countries.

Development Aid Confronts Politics: The Almost Revolution

The overdue recognition that development in all sectors is an inherently political process is driving international aid providers to try to learn how to think and act politically.


Rising Democracies Network

Carnegie Experts on Democracy and Rule of Law

  • Thomas Carothers
    Vice President for Studies

    Carothers is a leading authority on international support for democracy, human rights, governance, comparative democratization, and U.S. foreign policy relating to democracy and human rights.

  • Sarah Chayes
    Senior Associate
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program
    South Asia Program

    Chayes, formerly special adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is an expert in South Asia policy, kleptocracy and anticorruption, and civil-military relations.

  • Michele Dunne
    Senior Associate
    Middle East Program

    Dunne is an expert on political and economic change in Arab countries, particularly Egypt, as well as U.S. policy in the Middle East.

  • Rachel Kleinfeld
    Senior Associate
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program

    Kleinfeld is a senior associate in the Democracy and Rule of Law Program. She was the founding CEO of the Truman National Security Project.

  • Nathaniel Myers
    Visiting Scholar

    Nathaniel Myers is a visiting scholar in Carnegie’s Democracy and Rule of Law program. His research focuses on the intersection of American foreign assistance and foreign policy.

  • Richard Youngs
    Senior Associate
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program

    Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.


About the Program

The Carnegie Democracy and Rule of Law Program rigorously examines the global state of democracy and the rule of law and international efforts to support their advance.

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