Indonesia Votes

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    Indonesia Votes: Twitter Q&A with Vikram Nehru
    Vikram Nehru July 8, 2014

    Indonesian presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto and Joko Widodo both have the capacity to bend Indonesia’s arc of history—but each in a different direction.

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    Economic Prospects in Post-Election Indonesia
    James Castle, Vikram Nehru June 23, 2014 Washington, DC

    On July 9 Indonesians will go to the polls to elect their next president for a five-year term, after a decade of steady—albeit recently slowing—growth.

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    President Habibie on Indonesian Democracy
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews, B.J. Habibie June 4, 2014 Washington, DC

    Former President B.J. Habibie led Indonesia’s democratization process beginning in 1998, making bold reforms toward political openness and decentralization. Thanks in part to his efforts, Indonesia is emerging as one of Asia’s foremost democracies and rising powers.

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    Will Indonesia’s Election Results Complicate Its Future?
    Vikram Nehru, R. William Liddle April 24, 2014 Washington, DC

    Indonesia’s recent legislative election results were not as clear cut as opinion polls forecasted. Will this mean a splintered parliament and a coalition government that struggles to enact much-needed reforms? Or could a decisive win in the presidential elections give Indonesia’s next leader a clear political mandate for change?

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    Money and Politics in the 2014 Indonesian Elections
    Vikram Nehru, Meredith Weiss April 17, 2014 Washington, DC

    As campaigns have become more expensive and public funding has declined, Indonesian political parties have been forced to turn to alternative funding sources.

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    Indonesia Votes: Processes, Actors, and Scenarios
    Marcus Mietzner, Vikram Nehru January 24, 2014 Washington, DC

    Indonesia—the world’s most populous Muslim nation and its third largest democracy—will head to the polls this year to elect national and local legislatures as well as a new president.


Carnegie Experts on Indonesia Votes

  • Vikram Nehru
    Senior Associate
    Asia Program
    Bakrie Chair in Southeast Asian Studies

    Nehru is a senior associate in the Carnegie Asia Program. An expert on development economics, growth, poverty reduction, debt sustainability, governance, and the performance and prospects of East Asia, his research focuses on the economic, political, and strategic issues confronting Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.


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