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  • Article
    The Seesaw Friendship Between Turkey’s AKP and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
    Senem Aydın-Düzgit July 24, 2014

    The once warm relationship between Turkey’s AKP and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has measurably cooled as geopolitical realities have shifted.

  • Article
    Non-Western Roots of International Democracy Support
    Thomas Carothers, Richard Youngs, Oliver Stuenkel, Claudio Fuentes, Niranjan Sahoo, I Ketut Putra Erawan, Maiko Ichihara, Tjiurimo Alfredo Hengari, Sook Jong Lee, Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Tsveta Petrova June 3, 2014 video

    Rising democracies are becoming key players in global democracy promotion, but they often struggle to detach the external support they provide from their own transition experiences.

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    Can Brazil Defend Democracy in Venezuela?
    Oliver Stuenkel April 9, 2014

    Brazil has so far taken a noticeably soft line toward the current crisis in Venezuela, but its passive rhetoric is not proof that it does not care about defending democracy in the region.

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    Democracy Support in Turkey’s Foreign Policy
    Senem Aydın-Düzgit, E. Fuat Keyman March 25, 2014

    Ankara’s attempts to make democracy promotion a focus of its foreign policy have had only limited success, in part because Turkey is losing credibility as a democratic model.

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    What Sri Lanka Reveals About Indian Democracy Support
    Niranjan Sahoo March 19, 2014

    India’s boycott of a summit in Sri Lanka suggests New Delhi is eyeing a more values-based approach to foreign policy, one that will be greatly influenced by regional Indian parties.

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    Japan’s Strategic Approach to Democracy Support
    Maiko Ichihara March 7, 2014

    Geopolitical concerns have made democracy promotion central to Japan’s foreign policy rhetoric, but they have also ensured that this support will be limited in practice.

  • Q&A
    Democracy Promotion in the Age of Rising Powers

    A more multipolar world could benefit democracy, but rising democracies are hesitant to engage in international democracy support. Encouraging these countries to do more to support democracy abroad should be a priority, but it will not be easy.


As democracies outside North America and Western Europe gain greater weight in international politics their role in democracy and human rights support is increasing. This new research network examines their changing role.

Carnegie gratefully acknowledges support for the Rising Democracies Network from the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Ford Foundation, and the UK Department for International Development.

Carnegie Experts on Rising Democracies Network

  • Thomas Carothers
    Vice President for Studies

    Carothers is a leading authority on international support for democracy, rights, and governance and on comparative democratization as well as an expert on U.S. foreign policy.

  • Richard Youngs
    Senior Associate
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program

    Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.


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