• TV/Radio Broadcast
    China’s New Electric Vehicle Policies
    Wang Tao September 12, 2014 CCTV

    Beijing is implementing a policy to bring five million electric vehicles to Chinese roads by 2020.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    China’s Smog Problem
    Wang Tao March 3, 2014 CCTV World Insight

    High levels of smog persist throughout China due to weak enforcement of current environmental regulations. Environmental protection agencies are understaffed and do not have the power to oppose government officials that prioritize GDP growth over environmental protection.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    New Energy Development Key to Improving Air Quality
    Wang Tao February 26, 2014 CCTV News

    To solve the problem of air pollution in the long term, China must invest in electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    147 Industrial Companies Suspend Production
    Wang Tao February 26, 2014 CCTV News

    As continued air pollution forces the closure of factories in northern China, numerous questions remain about the effectiveness of these regulations.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Measures to Reduce Pollution
    Wang Tao March 2, 2013 CCTV

    Beijing's new fuel emission standards make the city a leader in improving China's air quality.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Carmageddon and Global Congestion
    Deborah Gordon July 15, 2011 NPR's To the Point

    As the recent freeway closure in Los Angeles draws attention to America's reliance on the automobile, it should also prompt policymakers to consider the long-term challenge of global automobile proliferation.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Turkey’s Strategy for Turkmenistan: What Is Behind Erdoğan’s Last Visit to Ashgabat?
    Pavel Shlykov November 18, 2014

    Turkey sees the acute energy market competition as an opportunity to establish itself both as an influential energy state and as a central Eurasian power. In this regard, choosing Turkmenistan as the site of one of the first state visits by the new Turkish president was not accidental.

  • Op-Ed
    The Bumpy Road Beyond Oil
    David Livingston November 15, 2014 Hill

    Only the most innovative, efficient, and fiscally sustainable electric vehicle policies will survive in a low oil-price environment.

  • Op-Ed
    Should Beijing Raise Subway Fares?
    Michael Pettis October 29, 2014 China Financial Markets

    Considering what would be the best subway fare in Beijing is a useful way to think about infrastructure investment more generally.

  • Other Publications
    Alternative Transport Fuels: Consumer Attitudes in Latin America and the Caribbean
    David Livingston, World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders October 21, 2014 World Energy Council

    Consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean are sending a strong signal to decisionmakers that a transition to an alternative transport fuel future is not only warranted, but desirable.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    East or West, Home Is Best
    Mikhail Krutikhin October 15, 2014

    Moscow’s most recent, failed attempt to cooperate with China on the Altai gas pipeline shows that its political ambitions are not compatible with elementary arithmetic.

  • Op-Ed
    Russia’s Growing China Connection
    Dmitri Trenin October 13, 2014 China Daily

    Rather than “replacing” Europe with China in its foreign policy universe, Russia would be wise to develop its relations with Beijing closer to the level of the very thick ties which link it to its Western neighbors.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    China’s New Electric Vehicle Policies
    Wang Tao September 12, 2014 CCTV

    Beijing is implementing a policy to bring five million electric vehicles to Chinese roads by 2020.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Switching Aims
    Mikhail Krutikhin September 2, 2014

    The only possible source of money for the Power of Siberia pipeline is no one else but China, and the terms of this assistance will be dictated from Beijing. The Kremlin’s inability to come to terms with the Western world does not come cheap.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    A Mixed Blessing?
    Mikhail Krutikhin July 31, 2014

    The effect of the new sanctions on the Russian oil and gas industry might be very sensitive while at the same time saving large sums of money on projects with impossibly long payback prospects. Either way, Western governments are now doing basically what the Russian leader always wanted, staying away from Russia’s oil and gas.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    A Mystery, Wrapped in a Puzzle
    Mikhail Krutikhin May 23, 2014

    The secretive nature of the gas agreement between Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corp may show that the contract contains something the Russian negotiators could not be proud of in the limelight of Russian public opinion.


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