Society and Culture

    • Failed States and Ungoverned Spaces

      • Marc Lynch
      • October 25, 2016
      • ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

      Failed states across the Middle East and North Africa will pose distinctive challenges for U.S. policy in the next administration.

      • TV/Radio Broadcast

      Confronting Corruption

      Confronting corruption at a deep level demands a significant cultural shift away from money and income as a primary virtue, and an intellectual movement away from treating corruption as a victimless crime.

      • Article

      Asian Support for Democracy in Myanmar

      • Maiko Ichihara, Niranjan Sahoo, I Ketut Putra Erawan
      • October 19, 2016

      The time is ripe for Indonesia, India, and Japan to shed their inhibitions and redouble their efforts to strengthen the foundations of Myanmar’s democracy.

      • Diwan

      A Secondary Thought

      Donald Trump’s policies on Syria suggest he may favor Assad and has learned little about the country.

      • Op-Ed

      Hindutva’s ‘Purification’ Drive

      Arguments for “purification” through “nationalization” are redundant in the case of Indian Muslims. They have always looked to local sites and the land of their saints as their holy land.

      • Sada - Analysis

      The Limits of Fighting Corruption in Egypt

      • Mohamed Abdel Salam
      • October 13, 2016

      Hisham Geneina’s trial is a tool to deter sharing information about corruption within state institutions.

      • Diwan

      Quiet No More?

      “Madkhali” Salafists in Libya are active in the battle against the Islamic State, and in factional conflicts.

      • Strategic Europe

      People Power vs. (Corrupt) Official Power

      With sufficient numbers, individuals and civil society movements can bring about change and dismantle corrupt institutions—but it demands huge courage.

      • Op-Ed

      What’s Really at Stake in the Syria Debate

      The collapse of U.S.-Russian diplomacy and the escalating violence in Aleppo have once again opened the floodgates for ideas on how to intervene in Syria.

      • Op-Ed

      The Slow, Violent Fall of Eastern Aleppo

      As violence grips Eastern Aleppo, few opportunities for peace and humanitarian assistance appear viable.

    Carnegie Experts on
    Society and Culture

    • expert thumbnail - Al-Muslimi
      Farea Al-Muslimi
      Nonresident Scholar
      Middle East Center
      Al-Muslimi is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where his research focuses on Yemeni and Gulf politics.
    • expert thumbnail - Axyonova
      Vera Axyonova
      EASI-Hurford Next Generation Fellow
      Vera Axyonova is an EASI-Hurford Next Generation fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    • expert thumbnail - Bahout
      Joseph Bahout
      Visiting Scholar
      Middle East Program
      Joseph Bahout is a visiting scholar in Carnegie’s Middle East Program. His research focuses on political developments in Lebanon and Syria, regional spillover from the Syrian crisis, and identity politics across the region.
    • expert thumbnail - Baunov
      Alexander Baunov
      Senior Associate
      Editor in Chief of
      Moscow Center
      Baunov is a senior associate at the Carnegie Moscow Center and editor in chief of
    • Saskia Brechenmacher
      Democracy and Rule of Law Program
      Saskia Brechenmacher is an associate in Carnegie’s Democracy and Rule of Law Program, where her research focuses on civil society, governance, and institutional reform in post-conflict societies and hybrid political regimes.
    • expert thumbnail - Cammack
      Perry Cammack
      Middle East Program
      Perry Cammack is an associate in the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he focuses on long-term regional trends and their implications for American foreign policy.
    • expert thumbnail - Chayes
      Sarah Chayes
      Senior Associate
      Democracy and Rule of Law Program
      South Asia Program
      Sarah Chayes is internationally recognized for her innovative thinking on corruption and its implications. Her work explores how severe corruption can help prompt such crises as terrorism, revolutions and their violent aftermaths, and environmental degradation.
    • expert thumbnail - Holden
      John L. Holden
      Nonresident Senior Associate
      Asia Program
      Holden is a nonresident senior associate in the Carnegie Asia Program. He also advises corporations and other organizations on their operations in China and assists Chinese companies overseas.
    • expert thumbnail - Jarábik
      Balázs Jarábik
      Nonresident Scholar
      Russia and Eurasia Program
      Jarábik is a nonresident scholar focusing on Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
    • expert thumbnail - Khaddour
      Kheder Khaddour
      Nonresident Scholar
      Middle East Center
      Khaddour is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. His research focuses on issues of identity and society in Syria.
    • expert thumbnail - Lehne
      Stefan Lehne
      Visiting Scholar
      Carnegie Europe
      Lehne is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the post–Lisbon Treaty development of the European Union’s foreign policy, with a specific focus on relations between the EU and member states.
    • expert thumbnail - Lynch
      Marc Lynch
      Nonresident Senior Associate
      Middle East Program
      Marc Lynch is a nonresident senior associate in Carnegie’s Middle East Program where his work focuses on the politics of the Arab world.
    • expert thumbnail - Malashenko
      Alexey Malashenko
      Scholar in Residence
      Religion, Society, and Security Program
      Moscow Center
      Malashenko is the chair of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Religion, Society, and Security Program. He also taught at the Higher School of Economics from 2007 to 2008 and was a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations from 2000 to 2006.
    • expert thumbnail - Movchan
      Andrey Movchan
      Senior Associate and Director
      Economic Policy Program
      Moscow Center
      Movchan is a senior associate and director of the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center. He is one of Russia’s best known financial managers.
    • expert thumbnail - Sayigh
      Yezid Sayigh
      Senior Associate
      Middle East Center
      Sayigh is a senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, where his work focuses on the Syrian crisis, the political role of Arab armies, security sector transformation in Arab transitions, the reinvention of authoritarianism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process.
    • expert thumbnail - Shah
      Aqil Shah
      Nonresident Scholar
      South Asia Program
      Aqil Shah is a nonresident scholar in the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    • expert thumbnail - Stronski
      Paul Stronski
      Senior Associate, Russia and Eurasia Program
      Paul Stronski is a senior associate in Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program, where his research focuses on the relationship between Russia and neighboring countries in Central Asia and the South Caucasus.
    • expert thumbnail - Thukral
      Shivnath Thukral
      Managing Director
      Carnegie India
      Shivnath Thukral is the managing director of Carnegie India responsible for the center’s outreach and maximizing its impact. He also oversees operations, including coordination with Carnegie’s global network and fundraising.
    • expert thumbnail - Wehrey
      Frederic Wehrey
      Senior Associate
      Middle East Program
      Wehrey’s research focuses on security affairs, civil-military relations, and identity politics in North Africa and the Gulf.
    • expert thumbnail - Yahya
      Maha Yahya
      Middle East Center
      Yahya is director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, where her research focuses on citizenship, pluralism, and social justice in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings.
    • expert thumbnail - Youngs
      Richard Youngs
      Senior Associate
      Democracy and Rule of Law Program
      Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.

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