In this report, twenty-one leading Americans urge a new foreign policy for the nation. They argue that in a radically transformed world the United States requires fresh vision abroad and tough choices at home. They appeal for a national debate leading to decisive action by the leaders of the country.

Cutting across the current lines of political debate, the Commission members span a wide spectrum of U.S. foreign policy opinion, and find a common voice in arguing that despite the end of the Cold War and mounting domestic problems, foreign policy remains too important to be ignored or left backstage by politicians or voters in this election year.

Commission Members:
Winston Lord (Chairman), Morton I. Abramowitz, C. Fred Bergsten, Stephen W. Bosworth, John Brademas, Frank C. Carlucci, Henry G. Cisneros, Barber B. Conable, Jr., Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., John Deutch, Thomas R. Donahue, Daniel J. Evans, Craig J. Fields, Richard N. Gardner, David R. Gergen, William Gray, Richard Holbrooke, James T. Laney, Jessica T. Mathews, Alice M. Rivlin, Paula Stern