Christoph Bertram brings into focus all of the separately debated issues that must be addressed together to secure the peace that was won in the Cold War. Europe is the defining region, he argues, where the key elements of any new international order are being shaped. Russia's international role will be formed in Europe. American involvement with Europe will provide the salient test of how far the United States will withdraw from international commitments. And it is in Europe that the two most successful international organizations to date—NATO and the European Union—have to prove their lasting relevance.

The author examines what role NATO can and must play in European stability, explores the mounting challenges to cohesion within the European Union, and evaluates how America's links with Europe can be broadened and reinvigorated.

Praise for this publication

"Among the avalanche of recent writings on the Atlantic community's future, Europe in the Balance stands out as one of the best.... While many Europeans—and Germans in particular—shy away from publicly expressing doubts about where the EU and NATO are going, Bertram is willing to challenge accepted truths and expose dangerous illusions. He goes to the heart of the political and strategic dilemmas confronting the Atlantic community."