March 16-17, 2000, Washington Marriott Hotel Washington, D.C.

Full Conference Proceedings (pdf file, requires Acrobat Reader)

The full conference proceedings include the transcribed remarks of the six keynote addresses as well as the videotape greeting graciously provided by President Bill Clinton, the presentations in the opening plenary panel on proliferation prospects, and rapporteur summaries of all the panel sessions.

Over 400 officials and specialists from around the world attended the Carnegie International Non-Proliferation Conference.

We have assembled an internet directory of the over 100 organizations that were represented at the conference.
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Internet Directory of Participating Organizations



President Bill Clinton

View President Clinton's Video Address (requires RealPlayer)
United States Secretary of Energy
Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command

Political Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Director, Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project

Plenary Panels

Proliferation Prospects

John Simpson (Chair)

Director, Mountbatten Centre for International Studies, University of Southampton
Diplomat-in-Residence, Council on Foreign Relations
Ambassador of Sweden to the United States

Dean, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Embassy of the People's Republic of China

The Clinton Non-Proliferation Legacy

Mitchell Reiss (Chair)
Dean of International Affairs, College of William and Mary
Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes
Associate Legal Adviser,
US Department of State
Janne Nolan
Director of International Programs, The Century Fund
Executive Director, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center

The Expanded Threat Reduction Initiative for Russia

Kenneth Luongo (Chair) Executive Director, Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
Rose Gottemoeller Deputy Under Secretary of Energy for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation
Ambassador William Taylor Deputy Coordinator of Assistance to the Newly Independent States, US Department of State
Susan Koch Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Threat Reduction Policy

Break-out Panels

Jon Wolfsthal (Chair) Carnegie Endowment Michael Krepon (Chair) Stimson Center John Parachini (Chair) Monterey Institute
Col. Robert Boudreau US Department of Defense Camille Grand Ministry of Defense, France Jerrold Post George Washington University
Matthew Bunn Harvard University Mitsuru Kurosawa Osaka University Ehud Sprinzak Hebrew University
Vladimir Orlov PIR Center Alexander Pikayev Carnegie Endowment Jessica Stern Harvard University
Vladimir Rybachenkov Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation        

Stephen Cohen (Chair) Brookings Institution Daniel Poneman (Chair) Hogan & Hartson Marie Chevrier (Chair) University of Texas
P.R. Chari Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Paul Leventhal Nuclear Control Institute Elisa Harris National Security Council
Robert Einhorn U.S. Department of Defense Fred McGoldrick Bengelsdorf, McGoldrick, & Associates Karen Mössenlechner Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
Masuma Hasan Cabinet Secretary, Government of Pakistan Minister Myung Hwan Yu Embassy of the Republic of Korea Brad Roberts Institute for Defense Analyses
Ashley Tellis RAND Corporation        

Robert Litwak (Chair) Wilson Center Michael Eisenstadt (Chair) Washington Institute for Near East Policy Tariq Rauf (chair) Monterey Institute
Hiroyasu Ando Government of Japan David Albright Institute for Science and International Security Rebecca Johnson Acronym Institute
Peter Hayes Nautilus Institute Shyam Bhatia Deccan Herald of India William Potter Monterey Institute
Gary Samore National Security Council Geoffrey Kemp Nixon Center Enrique Roman-Morey OPANAL
        Leonard Spector U.S. Department of Energy

David Shambaugh (Chair) George Washington University Gary Bertsch (Chair) University of Georgia Elizabeth Becker New York Times
Bates Gill Brookings Institution William Clements General Electric Steven Andreasen National Security Council
Robert Manning Council on Foreign Relations Richard Cupitt University of Georgia Lisbeth Gronlund Union of Concerned Scientists & MIT
Dingli Shen Fudan University Elaina Kiritchenko Russian Academy of Sciences Baker Spring Heritage Foundation

1999: "Repairing the Regime"
1997: "Enhancing the Tools of the Trade"
1996: "Nuclear Non-Proliferation and the Millennium: Prospects and Initiatives"