By choosing Senator Joseph Lieberman for a running mate, Presidential Candidate Al Gore adds a Senator with strong convictions on national missile defense (NMD) and considerable expertise on arms-control to the Democratic Presidential ticket.

Senator Lieberman has been a vocal supporter of missile defenses. In March of last year, he broke from the Democratic ranks and voted in favor of the National Missile Defense Act. In supporting the deployment of NMD as soon as it becomes technologically feasible, Lieberman noted that "in the very near future -- perhaps within a few months -- erratic leaders, tyrants of rogue regimes, will control ballistic missiles possibly armed with weapons of mass destruction that can reach our national territory . . . We face a real and growing threat that cannot be countered by our conventional forces and which will not be deterred by the threat of retaliation."

Lieberman is also a strong advocate of the global non-proliferation regime. In 1970, Lieberman authored The Scorpion and the Tarantula, a study of early non-proliferation efforts. He is a strong supporter of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and joined other Democrats in vowing to place the Treaty back on the agenda following its October 1999 rejection in the Senate.

Below are excerpts of Al Gore's position on foreign policy/arms control issues:

  • "development of the technology for a limited national missile defense system," but will base deployment on President Clinton's four criteria;
  • Places a "high value" on developing a missile defense system compatible with the fundamental rationale of the ABM Treaty;
  • Supports ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty;
  • Supports continued work in reducing nuclear arsenals as progress towards "strategic nuclear stability at progressively lower levels."