Carnegie's Pick

by Sebastião Salgado

Picked by Audrey Singer, Associate, International Migration Program

Sebastião Salgado?s Migrations: Humanity in Transition is an eloquent visual testimony to the lives of migrants, both those who cross international borders and those who move internally within a country. Salgado?s searing presentation stretches across the globe, capturing humanity on the move in more than forty countries during 1993-1999. A detailed narrative, rich in context and facts accompanies the 363 black and white photographs."

The book is important for those already familiar with migration and its role in a changing world because it reminds us, visually, of the uprooted in many guises, including economic migrants, victims of war, fugitives of natural disasters, refugees fleeing persecution and the internally displaced. The volume is also an effective entry point for those unfamiliar with the depth of the migration phenomenon. The photographs offer easy access and insight, and yes, they are beautiful.