Statement from Jessica T. Mathews
On Doris Meissner's Return
to the Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace

"I am delighted that Commissioner Doris Meissner is returning to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as a senior associate. In 1989, she founded our International Migration Policy Program, which today is one of the world's premier sources on analysis relating to migration and refugees.

During her tenure at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Commissioner Meissner tackled a compelling challenge: balancing the nation's desire to maintain open doors to immigrants with the need to deter illegal immigration and maintain public confidence in the nation's immigration system. Her impressive accomplishments include reforming the nation's asylum system; creating new strategies to manage our borders in the context of open trade; improving services for immigrants; managing migration and humanitarian crises firmly and compassionately; and strengthening cooperation and joint initiatives with Mexico, Canada, and other nations.

This experience, and success, in the public sector has given Commissioner Meissner a unique vantage point for exploring transnational issues, including but also extending beyond international migration. When she returns to the Carnegie Endowment in January, Commissioner Meissner will initiate a new research project that explores the issues and challenges nations face in implementing global policies."

Jessica T. Mathews is the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

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