October 23, 2000 - Madison Hotel, Washington D.C.

The Brookings Institution, Carnegie Endowment, and the Inter-American Dialogue held the 2000/01 World Development Report Conference to spotlight the deep and persistent problems of poverty and inequality worldwide, and highlight some ideas for confronting them. The daylong session produced lively discussion and debate, and illuminate the key issues and choices facing governments, international agencies, and private groups in efforts to improve the lives of the poor. Full text of the 2000/01 Report is available at: www.worldbank.org/poverty/wdrpoverty/report/index.htm. Panel summaries and audio exerpts from the conference are available below.

Remarks by World Bank President James Wolfensohn

PANEL 1: Globalization and World Poverty: Is There a Connection?
Speakers: J. Bryan Hehir,
Harvard University; Thea Lee, AFL-CIO; Nick Stern, World Bank; Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research

PANEL 2: Putting Technology to Work
Speakers: Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
, UN Development Programme; Denis Gilhooly, Markle Foundation; Robert Horsch, Monsanto Company; Robert Paalberg, Wellesley College

Preparation of the 2000/01 World Development Report
Speaker: Nora Lustig,
WDR team Director

PANEL 3: Race and Ethnicity: How Critical a Factor? What Can Be Done?
Speakers: Paul Collier,
World Bank; Glen Loury, Boston University; Lynn Walker-Huntley, Southern Education Foundation

PANEL 4: Is Debt Relief the Answer?
Speakers: Stanley Fischer,
International Monetary Fund; Jeffrey Sachs, Harvard University, Jo Marie Griesgraber, Oxfam America; Heinz Moeller, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador; Ishac Diwan, World Bank