For Immediate Release: March 26, 2001
Contact: Julie Shaw, 202-939-2211


John Audley, Environment and Trade Policy Expert,
Joins the Carnegie Endowment

Jessica T. Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, announced today that John J. Audley, currently trade policy coordinator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will join the Carnegie Endowment in April. As a senior associate, he will direct a new project on environment and trade, which the Endowment is launching in collaboration with the Cambridge, MA-based Consensus Building Institute.

"The lines between the international trade community and the environmental community have hardened over the past few years. The new project, now under development, will bring together these and other key players, including international business, to identify and develop solutions that advance the interests of free trade, developing countries, and the environment," Mathews said. "John Audley?s background in policy making, academia, and the international environmental community will make a big difference to our success."

John Audley has been trade policy coordinator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1999. There, he has been responsible for developing and presenting EPA?s positions on U.S. trade policy. He won a silver medal from the agency for his work on two documents: an executive order, Environmental Reviews of Trade Agreements, and The White House Policy Paper on Trade and Environment. Prior to EPA, he was international affairs director of the National Wildlife Federation, where he worked for two years.

Audley holds master?s degrees from both the American Graduate School of International Management and the University of Arizona. In 1996 he received a Ph.D. in political economy from the government and politics department at the University of Maryland. He has taught on environmental and public policy and other subjects at Purdue University and the University of Maryland. His publications include Green Politics and Global Trade (Georgetown University, 1997).

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