"62% of employees earn less than $50 per month ... 58% of experts are forced to take 2nd jobs to earn money." - Excerpts from the report

Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D-CA), along with Carnegie Senior Associate Rose Gottemoeller and Associate Jon Wolfsthal, spoke at a Capitol Hill event marking the release of the Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project's latest report, "The Human Factor in Proliferation."

The press conference provided the speakers with an opportunity to lay out the findings of the report and to stress the importance of expanding U.S. nonproliferation assistance designed to address the proliferation risks stemming from the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Congresswoman's remarks, the Project's presentation on the report, the report itself, and other resources are available at the links below.


Carnegie Presentation at Press Conference (Power Point)

Carnegie Press Release

Congresswoman Tauscher Press Release

Download or Order "The Human Factor" Report

Issue Brief on event (coming soon)

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Left to right: Associate Jon Wolfsthal, Rep. Tauscher, Senior Associate Rose Gottemoeller