This sixth edition of the Nuclear Status Report, copublished by the Carnegie Endowment and the Monterey Institute, is the most comprehensive and authoritative source for information on Russia's nuclear arsenal, its stockpile of nuclear materials, and the impact of U.S. assistance to reduce the proliferation risks posed by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Chronicled in this report are many of the major proliferation problems that remain owing to the economic disarray of the Russian nuclear complex, the relatively low priority attached to nonproliferation by senior political leadership, and the inadequacies of safeguards currently in place at many nuclear facilities.

The new features of this report include:

  • Extensive data on the current Russian nuclear arsenal and projections for future force developments
  • Easy-to-read layout for all Russian nuclear facilities known to possess nuclear materials
  • Site descriptions of Russian naval facilities where nuclear materials might be at risk of theft or diversion
  • Updated maps of nuclear facilities in the NIS