For Immediate Release: August 13, 2001
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Carnegie Appoints Executive to
Direct Study of Private Sector Role

Robert Cavey Joins From American Standard Companies

Jessica T. Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, announced today that Robert Cavey, former vice president of government and public affairs at American Standard Companies, joined the Endowment as a senior associate and its first director of the Public Role of the Private Sector Project in the Endowment?s Global Policy Program. In this position, Cavey will lead the work to explore the private sector?s impact on the nation state and other major international actors, examine the dramatic emergence of business as an international policy actor, and identify the consequences for international governance.

"Robert Cavey has the perfect mix of firsthand knowledge of the corporate sector and high-level experience dealing with governments on international business and economic issues," Mathews said. "While the increasingly powerful role of non-governmental organizations has received much analytic attention over the last decade, the at least equally important role of the private sector remains almost entirely unexamined. The Public Role of the Private Sector Project aims to remedy that."

Before joining the Endowment in July 2001, Cavey was vice president of government and public affairs at American Standard Companies in New Jersey. In that post he was responsible for the company?s international public-private sector strategy, public policy, and government relations agenda. His international experience includes work in China, Russia, European Union countries, Brazil, and Mexico. Previously, Cavey designed and directed advanced seminars on international economic and business issues for senior foreign diplomats, U.S. government officials, and Fortune 500 corporate executives at the Executive Council on Diplomacy.

Before joining the private sector, Cavey taught political science at Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University, Rockford College, and Beloit College.

Cavey co-edited Ethics, Leadership and the Bottom Line (North River Press, 1991), and edited Poverty, Prosperity & Profit (Executive Council on Diplomacy, 1985 to 1991 editions) and Japan and the United States: An Agenda for Partnership (Executive Council on Diplomacy, 1991). He received a B.A. in political science from the University of Maryland and an M.A. in political science from Northern Illinois University.

About the Public Role of the Private Sector Project
One of the most important yet least appreciated developments of the past decade has been the emergence of business as an international policy actor. This new role goes beyond lobbying for individual firm or industry interests to multiple ways in which businesses are now taking on roles that have traditionally been carried out by governments. These roles include broadening the definition of corporate responsibility, extending it into areas such as human rights and the environment; drafting of transnational standards, codes of conduct, and other forms of self-regulation; participating in international negotiations and debates; partnering with NGOs and international organizations to provide services or help solve policy impasses; and becoming public actors through the privatization of government services.

The project will build a community of scholars and policy actors from business, industry, the academic community, and government. Its research will focus on the private sector?s impact on other major international actors, such as national governments, NGOs, and international organizations.

About the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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