Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise

Martha Brill Olcott
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Paperback, 322 pp. Hardcover, 322 pp.
ISBN: 0-87003-188-0 ISBN: 0-87003-189-9
Pub. Date: 2002  
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Table of Contents
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About the Book
At the outset of independence 10 years ago, Kazakhstan's leaders promised that the country's rich natural resources, with oil and gas reserves among the largest in the world, would soon bring economic prosperity, and it appeared that democracy was beginning to take hold in this newly independent state. A decade later, economic reform is mired in widespread corruption. A regime that flirted with democracy is now laying the foundation for family-based, authoritarian rule. This book examines the development of this ethnically diverse and strategically vital nation. Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise also looks at shortcomings of U.S. policy in the region and at the future challenges that Kazakhstan will pose to the United States and international institutions.

About the Author
Martha Brill Olcott, is senior associate in the Russian and Eurasian Program at the Carnegie Endowment. Recent publications include Preventing New Afghanistans: A Regional Strategy for Reconstruction (Carnegie Endowment Policy Brief No. 11) and Getting It Wrong: Regional Cooperation and the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia After Communism (Carnegie Endowment, 1999).