Deadly Arsenals is a comprehensive survey of those countries that have, are pursuing, or have sought to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Building on the work of previous Carnegie surveys, it features all new chapters, maps and charts, including new coverage of chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile proliferation. The study has extensive technical and political primers on weapons of mass destruction and the non-proliferation regime, resources on treaty membership, and a comprehensive overview by the book's primary author, Joseph Cirincione.

The release luncheon featured presentations by the book's authors and commentary from Carnegie Endowment experts:

¨ Joseph Cirincione, Senior Associate spoke on global proliferation trends

¨ Jon Wolfsthal, Associate on Russian nuclear programs

¨ Miriam Rajkumar, Project Associate on South Asia

¨ Rose Gottemoeller, Senior Associate on strategic nuclear forces

¨ George Perkovich, Senior Associate on Iran and Iraq

¨ Michael Swaine, Senior Associate on China

Carnegie President Jessica Mathews presided over the luncheon discussion.