Following the resignation of 127 reformist members of the Iranian Parliament, Iran’s political system has been thrown into turmoil. This unprecedented political crisis was provoked by the disqualification of thousands of reformists from running in parliamentary elections scheduled for February 20, 2004. Coming on the heels of the 25th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the struggle over these elections may be a turning point in the country’s tumultuous history.

To assess the domestic, regional and global implications of this on-going political crisis, the Democracy and Rule of Law Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace will hold a panel discussion with three notable Iran experts.


Daniel Brumberg, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment
Reuel Gerecht, Resident Fellow, The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Hadi Semati, Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Endowment and Member of Iran’s Islamic Participation Front
Thomas Carothers, Director, Democracy and Rule of Law Project, Carnegie Endowment will moderate