The January/February 2005 issue of Foreign Policy magazine features a special report, "China Rising: How the Asian Colossus is Changing our World," Click on links below to read individual articles and see what these leading experts have to say on such key questions as, are the United States and China on a collision course? And, what are the economic and strategic implications of China's transformation?

The report is based on the Carnegie conference, "China's Peaceful Rise?” held in the fall of 2004. Click here for speaker biographies, videos, and transcripts of that event.

The Once and Future China by Jonathan Spence

Clash of the Titans by Zbigniew Brzezinski and John Mearsheimer

Why is China Growing So Slowly by Martin Wolf

A Grand Chessboard by Ashley Tellis

Lifting All Boats by Homi Kharas

Dangerous Denials by Minxin Pei

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