Number of kilograms of highly-enriched uranium (HEU)

needed for a nuclear weapon                                                                        15-25[i]

Number of kilograms in global HEU stockpiles                                         1,900,000

Number of countries with at least 1 kg of HEU                                                    53

Number of countries with at least one bomb’s worth (25kg) of HEU                       24

Number of countries with at least twenty bombs' worth (500kg) of HEU                 12

Number of kilograms of HEU in civil power and research programs                  50,000

Number of civil research facilities that still have 20kg or more of HEU                  128


Number of kilograms of plutonium needed for a nuclear weapon                          4-8

Number of kilograms of plutonium in global stockpiles                              1,830,000

Number of kilograms of weapons usable (separated) plutonium in

the global stockpile                                                                                  238,000

Number of countries with at least one bomb’s worth (8kg) of plutonium                 35   

Number of countries with at least 5,000 kg of plutonium                                      25

Percentage of civil fissile material stocks that is plutonium                                  91

Number of kilograms by which civil plutonium increases every year                70,000

Number of kilograms of plutonium released on Earth from

nuclear explosions                                                                                     10,000


Number of nuclear weapons that could be made
from existing fissile materials                                                                    300,000


Number of countries with uranium enrichment facilities                                         9

Number of countries with new enrichment or reprocessing projects                      11


Number of illicit trafficking and other unauthorized activities involving
nuclear and radiological materials in 2004                                                       121

Number of confirmed incidents involving trafficking of HEU or plutonium
between 1993-2004     



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