President Bush, on his first visit to India, sealed the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal. Carnegie Senior Associate Ashley J. Tellis has been widely recognized as one of the core individuals who made this deal possible. Tellis was drafted in advance of President Bush's visit to India to serve as a senior advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, R. Nicholas Burns. In this position, Tellis provided support of various State Department activities relating to U.S.-Indian relations and brought his unique understanding of the establishments in New Delhi and Washington to finalize the deal.

In an interview with rediff-India Abroad R. Nicholas Burns said,

"Ashley has worked for the United States government at several junctures -- at the White House staff as well as in New Delhi -- and he knows more about India's nuclear program than any other living American. [And so, I wanted to...] I have great respect for him, for his creativity and ingenuity and also for his knowledge and technical expertise, and I felt that he would be a great addition to our staff and our delegation, and he was. He was instrumental in getting a decision."

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