For Immediate Release: October 19, 2006

Globalization is the major issue of economic relations among nations today. Economic liberalization, technological breakthroughs, and an increasingly interconnected global community all make globalization possible—and oftentimes problematic. Today’s students of international trade will be tomorrow’s leaders, and understanding globalization is vital for the future of the global economy.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is proud to introduce, an online resource for students designed to educate young people both in the United States and abroad about the dilemmas and trade-offs of globalization. provides clear and cogent information on cross-disciplinary subjects such as international trade, worldwide health and environmental issues, and global technological changes. The website draws upon the knowledge and expertise of Carnegie scholars and makes it accessible to high school and college students. is also a valuable resource for teachers. The website offers complete lesson plans on a variety of subjects related to globalization that are easily incorporated into high school curricula. By developing content that meets National Standards of Learning, is a vital tool for bringing unbiased accounts and analysis of globalization issues into the classroom.

Some features of are:

  • In-depth Issue Briefs on issues related to globalization such as health, environment, technology, international law, migration, development, and much more
  • News Analyses covering topics such as “The Globalization of Obesity”
  • A “For Teachers” resource section with lesson plans and an index of alignments to state education standards
  • Ask the Expert video interviews with clips from experts in the field
  • Upcoming resources in Spanish and Chinese

“It was absolutely clear to me that [G101] was the most comprehensive, balanced, accessible and engaging resource out there on globalization.”
—Curriculum writer, Ford-PAS funded Education Development Center

For more information about, contact Rebecca Weiner at or (202) 939-2346.

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