Despite the unprecedented power that the United States wields in a globalizing world, many claim that U.S. preeminence in the political, military and economic arenas is slowly eroding. However, there has yet to be a frank and balanced evaluation of America’s changing position in the international community. To address this pressing issue, this year’s conference will bring experts in these areas to assess rigorously the current U.S. position and discuss appropriate policy responses. The international system is more integrated than ever before; therefore, this conference will also analyze how the changing international environment, in addition to past U.S. policy decisions, affects the U.S. position in the world.

The main purpose of this conference is to bring together influential thinkers and young professionals under the age of thirty to provide fresh thinking based on well-informed discussions. Last year, a select group of 100 young professionals from varied backgrounds directly engaged and interacted with prominent foreign policy thinkers on key foreign policy issues. This year the conference again hopes to directly target those who will be responsible for adapting U.S. foreign policy to the future geo-political environment. At the conference, breakout sessions will also provide a forum for the participants to debate these issues with foremost experts from different fields.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers year-long research fellowships to uniquely qualified university graduates to work in tandem with leading foreign policy researchers. Junior Fellows are selected for each of the Carnegie Endowment’s research projects.

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The Junior Fellows Conference is held annually. The application process is highly competitive. To view an application for the 2007 Conference, please click here.