The 2011 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference focused on new actors and new agendas, reflecting the dynamism of the global nuclear order and the need to develop cooperative responses to challenges being posed by changing technology, distributions of political power, interest in nuclear energy, and security conditions in key regions. The conference explored the motivations and interests that shape the positions that emerging major powers from the developing world are taking regarding the core bargains of the nonproliferation regime. The 2011 conference also gave more prominent treatment to the responsibility of private industry in making nuclear technology safer and more secure.

Featuring new perspectives and new voices from around the globe, the conference attracted over 800 participants from more than 43 countries—including high-ranking government officials, policy and technical experts, industry leaders, academics, and journalists.

The 2011 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference is made possible through the generous support of our funders. We would also like to thank the Nuclear Threat Initiative for sponsoring the closing reception.  This year, NTI is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its work to strengthen global security by reducing threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Jessica Mathews, serves on the NTI board.