Ata-Jurt (Fatherland) Party 

Chairman: Kamchibek Tashiyev, deputy in the Jogorku Kenesh (the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan, 2010–Present), minister of emergency situations (2007–2009), deputy in the Jogorku Kenesh (2005) 
Ata-Jurt won the largest share of the vote during the October 10, 2010, parliamentary elections with 8.8 percent of the ballots, giving it 28 seats in parliament. It was one of five parties to clear the 5 percent threshold, although 29 parties participated in the election. Ata-Jurt formed a ruling coalition with the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) and Respublika Party. The coalition fell apart in December 2011 after SDPK left the coalition. Ata-Jurt is currently in the opposition. 

Brief History and Major Highlights:

The Ata-Jurt Party was founded on December 9, 2004, in preparation for the February 2005 parliamentary elections. Former foreign minister and ambassador to the United States Roza Otunbayeva and three opposition parliamentarians founded the party. Otunbayeva was then barred from running for office due to a recently enacted residency requirement. 
The party's political base is in the south of the country. Ata-Jurt has been accused of being nationalist and attempting to restore ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, but it denies both charges. The party is critical of the country's new parliamentary system and has called for the return of a stronger presidency. 
  • December 9, 2004: Ata-Jurt Party was created
  • October 10, 2010: Ata-Jurt wins parliamentary elections with 8.8 percent of the vote, giving it 28 seats in the 120-seat Jogorku Kenesh.
  • December 16, 2010: Ata-Jurt formed a coalition with SDPK and Respublika.
  • December 2, 2011: “Unity and Development” coalition fails when SDPK pulls out.
  • December 17, 2011: Ata-Jurt Party moves to opposition after the SDPK, Respublika, Ar-Namys, and Ata Meken parties form a coalition.