MUNICH—U.S. Secretary Clinton, NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, and German Foreign Minister Westerwelle praised the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) at the 2012 Munich Security Conference. EASI's final report charting a roadmap of practical action to move toward a more secure and inclusive Euro-Atlantic Security Community was released on Friday. 

"The Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative…holds great promise for us all if we heed the words that it contains."

—Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, United States 

"Ambassador Ischinger, your report on Euro-Atlantic security is a very valuable contribution to the debate. And I would like to thank Igor Ivanov and Sam Nunn for their presentations this morning. I read the report with great interest." 

—Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General, North Atlantic Treaty Organization 

"The proposals put forward in the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative show the right way forward."

—Guido Westerwelle, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Germany 

About EASI

To move toward the goal of an inclusive Euro-Atlantic Security Community, a unique process was created in 2009 called the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 

For the first time, former policymakers, diplomats, generals, and business leaders from Russia, the United States, Canada, Central Europe, and European Union nations came together to chart a roadmap of practical action that would allow the region to leave its past behind and to start to build a more secure future based on mutual trust and cooperation. 

EASI was co-chaired by Igor Ivanov, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Sam Nunn. The final report has the unanimous support of all commission members. 

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