Chairman of the Ak Zhol Party, 2011 - Present 

Azat Turlybekuly Peruashev was born on September 8, 1967, in the Rgayty village in the Zhambyl (now Taraz) Oblast of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. He holds a degree in political science from the Maxim Gorky Ural State University and a degree in public administration from the Higher School of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He earned a Ph.D. in political science from the Zhetysu Economic Institute in Almaty. 

Upon graduating from university in 1991, Peruashev began working as an instructor at the Almaty area Panfilov regional committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. In 1992, he became a consultant and division manager in the Taldykorgan Oblast administration, where he worked for three years. From 1996 to 1998, Peruashev worked as a consultant and division manager of the presidential administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He briefly worked as the deputy general director of the aluminum factory Alyumeniy Kazakhstana before becoming its vice president in 2001. 
He was first secretary of the Central Committee of the Civic Party of Kazakhstan from 1999 to 2006, when the party merged with the Otan party. After the merger, Peruashev served as the deputy chairman of the newly formed Nur Otan party until April 2007. 
In 2006, Peruashev became chairman of the Atameken Union National Economic Forum of Kazakhstan, a nonprofit union of entrepreneurs and employers, a position he held until he became the chairman of Ak Zhol. He concurrently served as a member of the president's Council of Entrepreneurs. He has also acted as an international election observer and was a member of the State Commission on Democratization under the president of Kazakhstan. 
Peruashev left Nur Otan in July 2011 and joined Ak Zhol. He was selected as chairman of Ak Zhol in November 2011 and has been a parliamentary deputy since January 18, 2012.