Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK)


Chairperson: Vladislav Borisovich Kosarev 
The Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK) won 7 seats in parliament with 7.2 percent of the vote in the January 15, 2012 election. As of June 2011, the party had 81,100 members and branches in all regions of the country. 

Brief History and Major Highlights:

Registered on June 21, 2004, the party emerged from a split in the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK) over the choice of CPK parliamentary deputy Tolen Toktassynov as party secretary. About 15,000 members left CPK for the new CPPK. 
In 2007, the CPPK and the CPK looked set to reunite, but the CPPK subsequently abandoned the idea because its chairman, Vladislav Kosarev, claimed that the CPK had lost its authority in the eyes of the public. According to some reports the CPPK also developed a better relationship than the CPK with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. 
The 2012 election results were a dramatic improvement for the CPPK over previous years, largely because the CPK was barred from participating in the parliamentary vote. Previously, Kosarev’s claims notwithstanding, the CPPK remained in the CPK’s shadow. In the 2004 parliamentary election, the CPPK received 1.98 percent of total votes. In the 2005 presidential election, Yerasyl Abylkasymov, the CPPK candidate, won only 0.34 percent of the vote. In the 2007 parliamentary election, the CPPK won 1.29 percent of the vote. The party fared no better in the 2011 presidential election, in which its candidate Zhambyl Akhmetbekov finished with 1.36 percent of the vote. 
By contrast, the CPK joined with the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan movement to form the "Oppositional People’s Union of Communists and DCK" during the 2004 parliamentary election and earned 3.44 percent of the vote. It also supported Zharmakhan Tuyakbay as the single opposition candidate in the 2005 presidential election; he received 6.61 percent of the vote, coming in second to President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The CPK did not participate in the 2007 parliamentary election to protest changes to the election system. 
Vladislav Kosarev has led the CPPK since it was founded in 2004. 

Political Platform:

The CPPK largely backs the current government, acting as "constructive opposition." The CPPK's goal is to move toward a society of genuine rule of the people, social justice, general spirituality, and freedom, and to build a prosperous economy based on scientific and technological progress and the principles of scientific socialism. The party envisions as the centerpiece of the society citizens with full civic rights and liberties, with broad opportunities for the development and manifestation of their abilities, as well as the capacity to satisfy their diverse needs. 
Politics: struggle for democratization; conquest of power; establishment of genuine democracy; construction of People's Republic of Kazakhstan; recognition of ownership; preclusion of the exploitation of man, namely by the state, collective, private, shareholder, cooperative.
Economy: end of raw material orientation in economic development, introduction of modern technologies in industry and in agriculture, restoration of state ownership of key sectors of the economy.
Social: restoration and expansion of social security system that existed in the country before the reforms of the 1990s.
Foreign Policy: support of the republic’s integration process with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, continuance of the fight against terrorism, enhancement of international cooperation.