August 15, 2013

US Court Rules on Yucca Mountain

World Nuclear News
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission acted illegally by abandoning the review of the licence application for the Yucca Mountain waste repository, the US Court of Appeals has ruled.

Another Nuclear Stumble by Air Force Raises Doubts

Robert Burns | Associated Press
Another embarrassing stumble by the U.S. nuclear missile force, this time a safety and security inspection failure, is raising questions about the Air Force's management of arguably the military's most sensitive mission.

No Progress in Russia-NATO Missile Defense Talks – Official

RIA Novosti
Missile defense talks between Russian and NATO military officials in the past 10 days have reached another impasse, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Wednesday.

Former Soviet Nuclear Test Site Still Holds Mysteries

Rachel Oswald | Global Security Newswire
The nuclear testing ground of the former Soviet Union is a vast, barren area close to the size of Lake Ontario that continues to hold some amount of security risk.

NRA Approves TEPCO's Fukushima Decommissioning Plan, Urges Solution for Water Problem

Jin Nishikawa | Asahi Shimbun
The nuclear Regulation Authority approved Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s plan to decommission damaged reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. But it called for a quick solution to the radioactive water accumulating at the site and flowing into the ocean.

The End of a Nuclear Era

James E. Goodby | New York Times
President Barack Obama’s cancellation of his planned meeting next month with President Vladimir Putin was followed by a statement at his Aug. 9 press conference regarding a “pause” to “reassess where it is that Russia is going.”