Speaking on Bloomberg TV’s In the Loop, Carnegie’s Marwan Muasher explained that if the conflict in Syria is to be resolved, it is important to go beyond the chemical attack issue and work through a political process that would end the war. A U.S. strike against Syria, Muasher argued, will be more of a face saving measure rather than solving the problem. “Let us remember than the chemical weapons issue is not the only issue on the table. There’s still a war going on with a 100,000 people killed,” he asserted.

Offering context on a peaceful solution to the crisis, Muasher said that the United States and Russia should agree to take the two sides to the Geneva II talks and start the political process that was agreed on by the UN last year in which a transitional government would be established and which will end with President Bashar Al-Assad and the regime leaving power in Syria. Even if the chemical weapons issue is resolved, Muasher noted, the war will still continue if there is no political process in place to end it. 

This interview was originally aired on Bloomberg TV.