Devesh Kapur of the University of Pennsylvania, Rajiv Lall of the Lok Foundation, and Carnegie’s Milan Vaishnav discussed 5 common myths of Indian elections trends, presented findings from a recent survey of voter attitudes, and evaluated whether the findings helped to confirm or deny each myth.

Milan Vaishnav

Milan Vaishnav is an associate in the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he coordinates Carnegie’s India Decides 2014 initiative. His primary research focus is the political economy of India, examining issues such as corruption and governance, state capacity, distributive politics, and electoral behavior.

George Perkovich

George Perkovich is vice president for studies and director of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His research focuses on nuclear strategy and nonproliferation, with a concentration on South Asia, Iran, and the problem of justice in the international political economy.

Devesh Kapur

Devesh Kapur is director of the Center for Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania and nonresident fellow at the Center for Global Development. His most recent book is Diaspora, Democracy and Development: The Impact of International Migration from India on India (Princeton University Press).

Rajiv Lall

Rajiv Lall is the founder of Lok Foundation and executive chairman of Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. He has about three decades of experience with leading global investment banks, multilateral agencies, and academia. His areas of expertise include project finance, private equity and venture capital, international capital markets, trade, infrastructure, and macroeconomic policy.