India has fallen far and fast from the runaway growth rates it enjoyed in the first decade of the twenty-first century. In order to reverse this trend, New Delhi must seriously reflect on its policy choices across a wide range of issue areas.

Getting India Back on Track broadly coincides with the 2014 Indian elections to spur a public debate about the program that the next government should pursue in order to return the country to a path of high growth. It convenes some of India’s most accomplished analysts to recommend policies in every major sector of the Indian economy. Taken together, these seventeen focused and concise memoranda offer policymakers and the general public alike a clear blueprint for India’s future.


Praise for this publication

“Congratulations to the authors and Carnegie.”

–Narendra Modi, prime minister of India

“I am going to read every part of this book. It will help us to do our job better. The book is well-timed and the title is apt.”

–Arun Jaitley, Indian minister of finance and defense

“Bibek Debroy and Ashley J. Tellis have brought together an impressive group of experts who provide a clear road map to move India forward in 2014. Anyone invested in the country’s success should read this book.”

–Arun Shourie, formerly India’s minister of disinvestment and minister of communications and information technology

“Focusing on a range of key issues, Getting India Back on Track has captured the scale and complexity of as well as the need for resetting India’s policies at the national and state levels. This excellent volume will be a very valuable resource to key policy framers and decisionmakers in India’s new government.”

–Naresh Chandra, former cabinet secretary and former Indian Ambassador to the United States

“It is rare to find a group of experts as accomplished and diverse as those represented in Getting India Back on Track. Their work builds a strong foundation for a real dialogue about India’s future at a time when a generational change in India’s leadership will set the course for decades to come. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace should be complimented for undertaking such a worthwhile project.”

–Frank Wisner, former U.S. Ambassador to India and former under secretary of defense for Policy

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