South Asia’s future remains clouded with uncertainty. The upcoming U.S. exit from Afghanistan, the radicalization across the region, and persisting political rivalries continue to impede regional growth and economic integration. However, the election of business-oriented leaders in most of South Asia provides reason to hope that the quest for prosperity will at last become the main driver of political relations across the region.

Ambassador Tariq Fatemi, special assistant to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, discussed Pakistan’s vision for regional economic integration and enduring peace and prosperity. Carnegie’s Frederic Grare moderated.

Tariq Fatemi

Ambassador Fatemi serves as the special assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A career diplomat for over 35 years, he held diplomatic posts in Moscow, New York, Washington, and Beijing. He has served as ambassador to the United States, Jordan, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union. On retirement, he joined the Pakistan Muslim League to assist the party on foreign policy matters.

Frederic Grare

Frederic Grare is senior associate and director of Carnegie’s South Asia Program. He works on India’s Look East policy, on Afghanistan and Pakistan’s regional policies, and on the tension between stability and democratization, including civil-military relations, in Pakistan.