January 20, 2015

Russia Ends U.S. Nuclear Security Alliance

Bryan Bender | Boston Globe

Official word came in a terse, three-page agreement signed on Dec. 16. In the previously undisclosed discussions, the Russians informed the Americans that they were refusing any more US help protecting their largest stockpiles of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium from being stolen or sold on the black market. 

Iran, Russia Agree on Delivery of S300 Defense System

Fars News Agency

The Iranian and Russian defense ministers agreed to resolve the existing problems which have prevented the delivery of Russia's advanced air defense systems to Iran in recent years. The agreement was signed in a meeting in Tehran on Tuesday.

Narendra Modi Government to Re-Engage U.S. on Nuclear Deal 

Anil Sasi | Indian Express

Ahead of US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit, the NDA government is learnt to be working on three specific deliverables as a proof of its commitment to re-engage with the Americans in the atomic energy sector.

Pakistan's Fourth Nuclear Reactor at Khushab Now Appears Operational

Deccan Chronicle

Pakistan's fourth heavy water reactor at Khushab nuclear site, which allows it to build a larger number of miniaturised plutonium-based nuclear weapons now appears to be operational, a US think-tank has said. 

No Sign of Test Preparations at North Korea's Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

Jack Liu and Nick Hansen | 38 North

Despite new speculation about the possibility of a fourth North Korean nuclear test, recent commercial satellite imagery of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site show no signs of preparations for another detonation. 

Iran Just Cancelled Its Space Program

Jassem Al Salami | Medium

After six years of massive expenditures and lurid propaganda, on Jan. 9 Tehran shut down its troubled space program. The unceremonious cancellation occurred without notice in the Iranian press.