After failing to meet Tuesday’s deadline, negotiators in Switzerland today announced a “tentative agreement” to limit Iran’s nuclear program. Federica Mogherini , European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, said EU sanctions against Iran will end. Speaking to KCRW’s To The Point, Carnegie’s George Perkovich said that more clarity is needed on the role of the IAEA and what criteria it will assess in saying Iran has taken all key nuclear-related steps.

Perkovich added that he hopes that the framework agreement will be perceived as a draw by both sides as there are a lot of details yet to be worked out. Perkovich argued that there are now broad principles and they will only stick if the details are worked out. As for critics of the deal, Perkovich said, “I don’t know how members of Congress can say it’s a bad deal based on this information.” Perkovich urged critics to wait until June 30 to judge the deal. “Ultimately I don’t think Congress wants to be held responsible for the collapse of the deal,“ he concluded.

This interview was originally broadcast on KCRW.