India needs to generate one million jobs per month for the next 20 years to absorb its burgeoning working-age population. India’s manufacturing sector, which is relatively underdeveloped, will have to absorb a significant part of this workforce. Successive governments, including the present one, have adopted ambitious targets for growth of output and employment in the manufacturing sector. Rajiv Kumar focused on the challenges that must be addressed if these targets are to be achieved, and took stock of the measures taken so far by the new government. Carnegie’s Ashley J. Tellis moderated.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is grateful for the support of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in making this event possible.

Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv Kumar is a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research (Delhi) and chancellor of the Gokhale Institute of Economics and Politics. He is also the founding director of Pahle India Foundation, a non-profit research organization that specializes in policy-oriented research and analysis.  

Ashley J. Tellis

Ashley J. Tellis is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace specializing in international security, defense, and Asian strategic issues.