Table of Contents

ADS: Accelerator-Driven System
CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences
CAEA: China Atomic Energy Authority
CDFR: China Demonstration Fast Reactor
CEFR: China Experimental Fast Reactor
CGN: China General Nuclear Power Group
CGNPC    China General Nuclear Power Holding Company Limited
CIAE: China Institute of Atomic Energy
CNNC: China National Nuclear Corporation
COEX: Co-Extraction of Actinides
CSGC: China State Grid Corporation
ERI: Energy Research Institute of the NDRC
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
GIF : Generation IV International Forum
GNEP: Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
GWd/MT    Gigawatt-Days Per Metric Ton
GWe: Gigawatt (electric)
HEU: Highly Enriched Uranium
HLW: High-Level Waste
HTGR: High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency
IHEP: China Institute of High-Energy Physics
INPRO    International Project on Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycle
kg : Kilogram
KWh: Kilowatt-hour
LBNL: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LWR: Light Water Reactor
MA: Minor Actinides
MEP: Ministry of Environmental Protection
MOX: Mixed Oxide
MSR: Molten Salt Reactor
MT : Metric Ton
MTU: Metric Tons of Uranium
MTHM    Metric Tons of Heavy Metal
NDRC: National Development and Reform Commission
NEA: National Energy Administration
NNSA: National Nuclear Safety Administration
NPT: Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
NSG: Nuclear Suppliers Group
OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
P&T: Partitioning and Transmutation
PUREX    Plutonium Uranium Redox Extraction Process
PWR: Pressurized Water Reactor
R&D: Research and Development
REPU: Reprocessed Uranium
RMB: Renminbi
SASAC    State-Owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission
SCWR: Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactor
SO2: Sulfur Dioxide
SOE: State-Owned Enterprise
SNPTC    State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
SPC: China State Power Corporation
SPIC: State Power Investment Corporation
TRPO: Trialkyl Phosphate Oxides
UO2: Uranium Dioxide